Welcome to my oily journey!

I’ve been using and studying the benefits of essential oils for three years. I was using another brand of oil previously because I thought that it was a fairly decent company and their oils were really cheap. What I didn’t understand was that there is a HUGE difference between quality and quantity when it comes to the oils. After more research and checking out the “top 10” brands of essential oils, I quickly identified the forerunner brand and decided that was the route I needed to go. But I didn’t sign up right away.

In February of 2017, I was about to use my old brand of oils on my kiddos and I had a moment where, in my gut, something didn’t feel right. After all my research and seeing how Young Living takes great care to make sure we get the best quality oils, (check out their Seed to Seal promise and process), I realized I could no longer trust the brand of oils I had been using. I didn’t know what fillers/additives/chemicals/pesticides they used, and I had no peace using them on my kiddos or myself any longer. This was when I finally decided it was time to invest in Young Living oils and products.

Since that day, I have now replaced almost all my chemical filled products (cleaning, beauty, etc) with either products that Young Living already makes, or products that I make myself using Young Living oils/products. Our family has seen a significant improvement in our health because of this decision (and we’ve discovered that it fits very well in our budget. Better than I thought it would!). Young Living continues to be a worthwhile investment month after month for me and my family. It has helped us achieve some of our wellness goals that we had for this year MUCH faster than I thought we would.

Because I am so passionate about these oils/products and what they can do for you, I am now a Young Living Distributor of the oils. My heart is to get these products into your home, not because I want to make money off of you, but because I know they will change your life and help you meet your own wellness goals. I am not a salesperson. I am committed to helping you discover which products work best for you and your family utilizing my experiences and my knowledge of the products. You won’t ever feel pressured from me. I’m just here to support you with whatever you need and to help you on your own oily journey. 🙂

If you’re ready to invest (it’s not as expensive as you’re thinking!), click the button below and let’s get your Premium Starter Kit into your home asap!